Monday, December 17, 2012

Ten Chipboard projects...

I love to mix different elements of my pages and one of my favorites is chipboard...who doesn't like chipboard?..I love it!!
It was difficult choosing only ten, I would have like to add three more but here's my selected ten...

1- She has the music inside...
I cut in pieces and painted my chipboard.

2- Hope
I cut the chipboard to create this design and painted.

3-Organic Beauty
I sand the chipboard and then I painted with two color tones to give an antique look.
 4- Love to Create
I covered with Gesso my birdies chipboards and stamped with a sponge to create this effect .

5- Welcome Home

I painted my chipboard with crackle paint to this fantastic effect.
6- Dream 
I used my chipboard letters like a mask and painted to made my tittle.

 7- I Love Making dresses
I Just dressed the chipboard and look the effect...

 8-  Brownie Locks
A Doily Chipboard like frame.

9- Special Memories

I painted with Liquid Pearls, then hot gun and created a cool effect in my tittle.

I used a chipboard frame to create the effect of the border of the chair.

These were my selected ten, I hope you like them!
Until next time!!!!



  1. Hola Marilyn! cada vez tus páginas se van superando! son maravillosas! y cuantos elementos de mixed media incorporaste. Me gusta mucho!! Muchos cariños!

  2. Especially love the dress layout!

  3. Stunning work Marylin!! Love them all

  4. Such gorgeous chipboard projects, Marilyn. Wishing you the best!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  5. These are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow!.. que dificil decir una palabra para tus creaciones. Gracias por toda tu inspiracion, que mucho nos deleitas... Super Fabulosas Páginas... las del traje azul me encantan creo que son mis favoritas. Las fotos y los layout donde aparece tu hija.. de MAGAZINE.

  7. HI Marilyn!
    I love your craftmanship!!! Every single page in this post has a wonderful detail that I just can't stop looking at! I LOVE that all white page with the ruffled paper detail!! Positively wonderful!!!! And the last page with all the negative space AND detail? STUNNING!!! LOve how you created small windows by layering your elements in the edges- you have some serious graphic design chops lady!

  8. Ha ha I couldn't stick to only 10 pages when choosing mine, ended up with 16! would so love to be a fly on the wall and see how you create and sculpture your dreamy gowns. Each and one of your pages are true beauties, always marvel at your details and the fantastic colours. Yup, they are AMAZING!! xoxo


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