Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduations photos and Prima May Challenge

Hi!! I hope everything is fine there.  May was  hard  for me because both kids graduated this month so you can imagine all the activities I had with them but at the same time it was very exciting; you will see the photos at the end of this post.

This is my page for Prima May's Build a Page, I mixed some collections in this page.  I played with mask in the background, She's my lovely niece Sabrina.

the lovely sketch...

More details....

I mixed some laces and the flower are from Prima.

Alexander graduation

Alexander before the graduation parade.

He got Merit in Oratory and now my baby goes to the University of Puerto Rico.

A family photo.

Paola's graduation

Paola after the graduation, look at all the pins that she won.

When they began to said all the awards that a student won and at the end the name is Paola Sofia Rivera, you can imagine how I got... I was crying of emotion.

This is one of the award..The President's Education Award

Paola was invited for the Honourable Representative Angel Perez  to The Capitol of Puerto Rico, it's home to the bicameral Legislative Assembly composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  

She's in front of The Capitol.

Here is Paola receiving the awards  from the Honourable Angel Perez.

I can not be more proud of  my two kids!

Well my friends until next time!
Take care!


  1. Oh my gosh Marilyn. Your post about your wonderful children has given me goosebumps. You must be so so so proud and congratulations to you for raising such wonderful children. I am so excited for them.
    And your page is just beautiful. I love the colour against the white. Fabulous.

  2. Congratulations to your children, I am sure you are very proud of them. :)
    Lovley page, love the clusters with the butterflies so delicate :)

  3. Wow! I really love this! Soooooooooooooo pretty! What an eye-catcher! LOVE it lots!

  4. Gorgeous page, Marilyn, with an absolutely adorable photo! So many pretty details! And congrats to your grad!

  5. Primeramente Marily, felicidades a ti como mama y a tus hijos por tan importantes logros. Me imagino la emocion, enhorabuena. El LO esta hermoso, lindos colores y detalles, el LO que le sigue, el de tu mama esta super bello, LOL! un abrazo, Zulma Wipitiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Friend... your layout, beautiful as always! Your children, beautiful too. Congratulations to both and to the whole family for the achievements. God bless you and all of them. (Note: Your kids are Rivera-Rivera, like me... not so common last name locally, yeah right!....)

  7. You are a proud man... I am so happy for you... Congrats to both your children ...Amazing news...!!! Your layout is so beautiful... i love the photos...and the colors used... Awesome... hugs...xoxo

  8. Beautiful (bottom) borders. Congratulations to a lovely family!

  9. WOW.... You must be so proud of your 2 babies my friend... what an outstanding achievement for both of them :)

    your LO is also stunning !!!

  10. Amiguita la pagina esta preciosa, pero tengo que decirle a la orgullosa mama que sus nenes son un tesoro,FELICITACIONES!! Dios los bendiga!

  11. Congratulations!!! And what an amazingly gorgeous layout! I love that colour combination - really stunning!!!

  12. Wao, amiga que alegría y que orgullo para ustedes. Sus logros son también los tuyos. Felicidades!! Éxitos en esta nueva etapa y que Dios los bendiga.

  13. Felicidades por el logro de tus hijos. Pero siempre detras de ellos estan unos excepcionales padres.

  14. Hi Marilyn! Congrats for your Children & you should be Proud!!!
    GORGEOUS array of colors & such a GORGEOUS design.. Your Layout is Utterly Beautiful....

  15. Hola Marilyn!! además de admirar como siempre tus trabajos, me quedo encantada con esa foto familiar y ver a tus chicos tan grandes, terminando sus estudios con tantos honores. Felicitaciones a ellos y a ustedes como padres! Qué orgullo! Para mí el capital mayor e insuperable también son mis hijos, tres de los cuales ya están en la Universidad, viéndolos crecer tan bien. Qué más pedir?
    Abrazo inmenso!!!!!!

  16. Lovely page you have made for the prima challenge and congrats with the kids.

  17. Congratulations Marilyn! Woohoo!! You must be so proud of those gorgeous children of yours and their dedication to their work. I know as a parent how wonderful it is to feel the pride that comes from being a part of their success and knowing that they are on the right track. You also managed to create a great BAP!! I just love it!! A beautiful job with everything on your page. I also did it for May but I see the features are not up yet - let's hope we make it!!

  18. Hermosa página. Felicitaciones por los logros de tus hijos.

  19. Mari se lo que se siente cuando los hijos se graduan y el orgullo que como Madre uno siente y no es para menos Felicidades a los dos! Una nueva etapa en sus vidas, Dios los bendiga. Congrats to you son and for you daughter!!~
    Prima May challenge... Amazing Creation! Great JOB!

  20. Very unique and Beautiful!design so gorgeous and love also your beautiful pictures

    hugs carla

  21. Marilyn Congrats to all the graduations!! and amazing layout for the bap

  22. I so loved seeing the photos and reading about the fantastic achievements of your children, I can almost see you hovering above your chair at the ceremonies!! Wonderful parents give wonderful children - congratulations indeed! Tee hee love Sabrina and her panda hat, sooo cute! pretty BAP you created too, gorgeous colours and such an eye catching design! so curious to see who gets featured, any day soon :)) Hope you've had a really great weekend darling, feeling better? Kisses and hugs

  23. WHOA!!!! WHOOOOAAA! That is AMAZING!!! Congratulations to Paola and congratulations to YOU for being such an amazing Mom and artist! Great page- really beautiful as always- the big splash is your news!


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