Saturday, May 24, 2014

7 DOTS STUDIO & 2CRAFTY Design Teams

Hello!!! Finally I can tell you two awesome scrappy news.... I'm in 7Dots Studio  and  in 2Crafty Chiipboard Design Team, well you can imagine how happy and excited I am :).....

DT coordinator - Keren Tamir - Canada
Louise Nelson - Australia -
Riikka Kovasin - Finland
Frau Muller - Ukraine
Melenia Agapides - Greece
Sandi Smith - Canada
Elena Olinevich - Belarus
Irina Gerschuk - Russia
Elena Morgun - Ukraine
Anna Rogalska - Poland
Anna Komenda - Poland
Nadia Canizzo - Australia
Ebony van der Starre - Australia
Stephanie Papin - France
Tanya Dudkina - Ukraine -
Pascale D - France -
Tatyana Sidorenko - Belarus
Helen Tilbury - South Africa -
Marilyn Rivera - USA
DeeDee Catron - USA
Belladonna Poland

You can see the announce here....

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

NEW 2Crafty Design Team
Annie Carignan - Canada (Design Team Member)
Fiona Paltridge - Australia (Design Team Member)
Maiko Kosugi - Japan (Design Team Member)
Marilyn Rivera - USA (Design Team Member)
   Returning DT Members
Di Garling – Australia (Design Team Coordinator)
Debbi Tehrani - USA (Design Team Member)
Helen Tilbury – South Africa (Design Team Member)
 Janice Nicholls – Australia (Design Team Member)
 Nicole Dioron - Canada (Design Team Member)
 Stacey Young – Australia (Design Team Member)
 We also have a wonderful group of
Resident Guest Designers
 lined up & these girls will pop by monthly and
 share their  wonderful talents as well.

 Resident Guest Designers

Anita Rodway - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
    Ebony van der Starre - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Jennifer Olek Snyder - USA  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Margaret Mifsud - Australia  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Melenia Agapides - Greece  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Stephanie Papin - France  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Wilma Voermans - Switzerland  (Resident Guest Design Team Member)
Congratulations to all!!

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Woohoot, huge congrats! That's great news!

  2. Felicidades Marilyn!... Que sigas alcanzando nuevas metas y sueños.
    Saludos, Sony


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